A Note About Moving Forward

A note about moving forward…


Our top priority will always be your safety and security. Whether it be in the office or at an outside venue, stringent cleaning and safety practices must come first. It is difficult to anticipate our “social recovery” however we are moving forward and making plans to come back together in the safest environments possible.


In the office we run through a detailed daily cleaning checklist in addition to disinfecting and wiping down all surfaces between each in-person visit:


  • Lysol disinfectant is used to clean commonly used areas (conference tables, chairs, reception desk, door handles, bathrooms) throughout the day. 
  • We also deep clean the office room by room every day. 
  • Hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes are available throughout the office and will be made available at all outside venues as well. 
  • We have aligned these stringent cleaning policies and procedures with guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 
  • Careful conversations have taken place with our outside venue partners to ensure we are united in our safety expectations. 


As we begin to reopen the office to visitors, we have added new physical-distancing practices:


  • We are limiting the number of visitors on any given a day and there will be gaps between in-person appointments. 
  • We will be utilizing our large conference room for appointments to give guests more personal space. 
  • And something we discovered that has been a benefit to many…We will continue to offer Virtual Zoom Video meetings and electronic DocuSign methods. 


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