Three Things You Can Do Right Now

Three Things You Can Do Right Now

1. Schedule a Risk Exposure Review

2. Request a Retirement Income Analysis

3. Develop a Holistic Financial Plan

Video Transcription

Hey everyone. Don Ross here from Ross Wealth Advisors. I wanted to come to you in a very serious time right now with what’s going on with the coronavirus and the markets. You know, you don’t hear a lot about the markets when they’re doing well, but now people may be starting to get a little concerned and edgy. Let me walk you through what I take every client, and potential client, and I’d like to invite each and every one of you, if you don’t have a solid game plan, whether you have an advisor or not, here’s three things to consider right now.

  1. You ought to schedule a risk exposure consultation with me. Meaning let’s take a look at how your portfolio is designed – is it where it should be at this day and age for where you are in life. Meaning, are you retired or within 10 years of retiring?
  2. How about a retirement income analysis? And by the way this can all be done virtually – by phone, by FaceTime. We do a lot of that now. But, this is a way I can show you year-by-year what will your income look like for the next 20 or 30 years? Are you on track?
  3. Very important, we need to develop a holistic plan that looks at investments, an income plan, the taxes you’re going to pay. That’s another whole conversation that we look at. Estate planning is your estate plan in order and then ultimately, what do you do if you have some kind of catastrophic illness, which will affect quite a few aging Americans?

So with that, I invite you to reach out by phone or email me directly and let’s have a conversation. whether it’s online or on the phone or you’re welcome to come in. Talk to you later.

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