Ep #013: The Stages of Spending in Retirement

Have you ever thought about how much you’ll spend after you retire? There’s a common myth that people spend a consistent amount throughout retirement, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Here to set the record straight is Founder and President of Ross Wealth Advisors, Don Ross.

Today, Don explains how spending really goes in retirement. Listen in to learn the three classic stages of spending people go through after they retire, and how to make sure you’re invested appropriately so you can enjoy your abundant retirement.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • The truth about spending after you retire.
  • Three classic stages of retirement spending.
  • When people tend to spend the most during retirement.
  • What you need to look at to make sure you’re invested appropriately.
  • Why trying to grow your savings to a certain rate of return can be dangerous.
  • Don’s suggestion for anyone with a retirement portfolio—whether age 75 or 45.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

[bctt tweet=”What’s one guarantee in life? Change—other than death and taxes. So, we want to be able to amend a plan. – @donairborne” username=”@donairborne”]

[bctt tweet=”Whether you’re 55 or 85, let’s make sure you’re invested the way you should be at this stage of your life. -@donairborne” username=”@donairborne”]

[bctt tweet=”I’m all about building a quality of life plan … You’ve saved money—regardless of how much—if you don’t have a plan to enjoy it, your money has no value. -@donairborne” username=”@donairborne”]

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