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Trusts are some of the best-loved tools for financial planning, and for good reasons.

When established correctly, trusts can help minimize estate taxes, streamline probate issues (or avoid them entirely), and transfer your assets to your heirs more easily.

If you don't have a trust but are interested in establishing one, here's what you need to know about these powerful financial tools:

Why Should You Establish a Trust?

There are dozens of good reasons to establish a trust. Here are a few of the largest:

The Four Main Participants In a Trust

Each trust has a variety of participants. These are as follows:

What Kind of Trust Should You Establish?

There are many different types of trusts, and they can be complex to set up and execute. However, a trust can be a very flexible and advantageous means to transfer your assets in the future, so it's a process well worth undertaking.

Most trusts can also provide current benefits, such as tax deferral and deductions. Unlike a will, a trust may help avoid probate upon your death. To figure out what type of trust you need, your first step will be to consider your priorities.

For example, are you attempting to avoid probate or minimize your estate taxes? Do you want your money to transfer seamlessly to your heirs, or is your priority defining a purpose for those funds and sticking to it?

The type of trust you establish will depend in large part on these priorities and purposes.

Because of the complexity of trusts, it's wise to meet with a qualified financial advisor to determine your best options, find answers to your questions, and establish the trust.

To learn more about trusts and how they may benefit you, we will be happy to help you consult a qualified estate planning attorney who can assist you with these issues.

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