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What Is The Best Age for Retirement?

retirement age

You’ve been dreaming of a comfortable retirement for decades, one where you can pursue the activities you’ve had to defer while you worked a full-time job and/or raised a family. While many people consider the "official" retirement age as the year you can begin to collect Social Security (65 to 67), the right retirement age…

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The Biggest Retirement Mistakes People Make and How to Avoid Them

retirement mistakes

Retirement planning usually includes IRAs, wealth management and low-risk investments, but what about planning for medical insurance denials, kids that might need money or sudden home emergencies? Given the recent boom with the stock market, a lot of people crossed a major threshold – making their first $1 million in retirement money. If you’re one…

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7 Tips for Minimizing Your Income Tax in Retirement

income tax

After a lifetime of making money and paying your taxes, you’re entitled to enjoy the fruits of your labor during retirement. But if your total assets amount to more than $1 million, you could end up paying far more tax than you ever expected. Maximizing your retirement income and protecting your assets has the potential…

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Prepare for Health Care Costs in Retirement

healthcare costs

Most people will tell you that they’ve got plans for their retirement years. They may plan to travel the world or purchase a vacation home. Perhaps they have a passion for a hobby they want to pursue. Whatever their retirement dream, people think about it and plan for it. Too often, however, those plans get…

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